Triple with Veranda

An autonomous room with private entrance and terrace with table and chairs that allow you to enjoy the natural beauty at any time of year. This spacious double or triple room has a king-size bed and a single room suitable for guests seeking coolness in summer and warmth in winter.

Double with Terrace

An autonomous room suitable for all seasons, looking for guests who love nature and do not waste time being near it. This double room has outside of it, comfortable table seats that allow the visitor to relax and enjoy the forest in front of him, at any time of the day.

Superior Double

This spacious double room with a king size bed and a luxurious embroidered table above it, completes a dreamy portrait that challenges the visitor to become a part of it. Its many windows and the fireplace just opposite the bed are just some of its unique features that make you want to choose it.

Quadruple two-room suite

A two-room sunny suite with a double bed in an open space with a living room and a separate room with twin beds. This room is ideally decorated with ornate, embossed and velvet fabrics in shades of yellow and blue. Ideal for guests who want to experience warm moments in front of the fireplace with their family or with their friends to enjoy pleasant moments in front of the view of the mountains of Pindos.

Standard Double

A romantic and quiet room for guests who want to live unique moments with their partner. The pastel shades of pink and the layout of the room with the fireplace next to a double bed and a small sofa for only two promise to be unforgettable.

Comfort Triple

The vintage style that combines the traditional layout of the room with modern touches of decoration, makes the visitor live a manorial and traditional experience. The choice of refined and luxurious fabrics creates a sense of luxury while the architectural structure of the room, with the fireplace dominating in the middle of the two traditional beds or otherwise bass, makes the visitor live an experience taken from the old. This room is suitable for a couple looking for comfort as well as a family with one or two children looking for moments of warmth and relaxation.

Junior suite

The Beloi Hotel’s most spacious room includes two rooms separated by an internal door. This suite can accommodate up to 6 people depending on the age of each person, as it has two traditional beds (or bass) of which one is double and the other semi-double while in the second room has a double iron bed. This suite is ideal for large families looking for comfort in their stay or for groups who can enjoy the facilities of our hotel in front of an imposing fireplace located between the two basses based on the architectural structure of the houses of Zagori.