a paradise on earth

Anyone who has not visited Zagori has not seen the true natural beauty. There are few places in the world where the art of man goes hand in hand with the architecture of nature.

Our hotel is located in Central Zagori in the village of Vitsa.


in the heart of South Pindos

Vitsa is one of the forty-six villages of Zagori and is built amphitheatrically on the boundaries of the Vikos-Ao National Park and at the beginning of the famous Vikos ravine. The vikos ravine is a wild and imposing beauty with rich flora and a great habitat for the fauna of the area. Vitsa is characterized as a traditional settlement because of the particular historical and ecological wealth that holds it. It is located just thirty-six kilometers from the capital of Epirus, Ioannina which is of particular historical and architectural interest.


worth a visit!