Destination the taste!

However, the eating habits of this place, where meat is provided by domestic animals or family herds, are of particular interest, but it is by no means a daily solution. Dairy products and cheeses have not been missing from Zagori as well as pasta products (noodles, trahanas), on the contrary they are basic food elements and remain a solid basis for the extraction of raw materials for food. Zagori although surrounded by natural beauty and vegetation, remains an area that does not have particularly rich agricultural production so the products produced are few in quantity and limited as species. That’s why cooking is different in the different villages of Zagori. The area of East Zagori, because it had a lot of water, produced vegetables and vegetables, so their cooking was based on them. Unlike Western and Central Zagori which is arid. So in Zagori, the housewife took advantage of what she had and the food was adapted to what they could grow in their garden.
With knowledge of the geographical wealth of our country and the eating habits of Central Zagori, all of us who are the core of this restaurant have as our main objective to immerse you in the local and traditional flavors of Zagori. To get as close to achieving our goal we use our local products as well as a variety of our products.

Raw materials

The raw materials we use for two decades now are always the best, since we are interested in creating a dining experience in our customer, using products of both our region and our own production. So pork is a product of our own production carefully and raised by the owner of the company, Mr. Alakos, who carefully and reverence and the choice of the remaining meats and dairy from local producers. Another product of our own production is some varieties of vegetables that grow in our garden depending on the season and are easily accessible by the customers of our property to enter it and cut any vegetable they wish to cook them or make them salad. Finally, we could not fail to mention the traditional Zagorian pies made with traditional handmade sheet and highly selected ingredients by Mr. Alekos’ wife, Mrs. Roula, whose passion for quality and respect towards the customer offers your dish a delicious experience taken out of the old…

The Chef

The Chef of Beloi is Andreas Diamantis who as he calls it and his last name is the diamond of our restaurant. Our Chef is born in Ioannina and raised by parents and grandparents from East Zagori and Metsovo. As you can see, the flavors and smells in this house led him to the enchanting paths of cooking… So from a very young age he knew that his course was planned. After finishing school he went to the University of Athens, in the Department of Epidemiology and Hygiene, wanting to learn the correct and safe disposal of edible materials and the quality assurance of the first materials while working as a trainee in large hotels in Athens. Finishing his school with excellence and scholarship in Sweden at UMEO UNIVERSITY in the part of the chemical composition of food. Andreas preferred to go deeper into the kitchens and create his own course in cooking, working amateurfor nine years decided to attend IEK DELTA of Ioannina, as a Cooking Art Technician while working successfully in the most famous shops of his city. Arriving today full of knowledge and experience, our Chef built a kitchen, based on the foundations of tradition and enriched with ideas and techniques of our time.


The first impression stays forever...

This uniqueness can also be observed during the morning. It is prepared with love and dedication, clean ingredients and traditional recipes of
Zagori, designed according to the wishes of our customers.


... but it's never enough

Having a deep knowledge of local recipes as well as the wealth of local products and the products we grow, we aim mainly at penetrating the local and traditional taste of Zagori. Our homemade pies, local dairy products and meat from the animals we breed, are just a sample of the dishes we can present and you have the opportunity to taste in our own restaurant. These dishes are particularly influenced by the traditional and at the same time modern concept of the chef, who has turned our restaurant into a gastronomic destination.